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My purpose in building this site is to share my knowledge of massage therapies and how they are connected to overall health.

I need your help though. I need you to talk to anyone you know who is in pain or just isn't healthy. Let's teach them the benefits of massage so they too can enjoy exuberant health.

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Lets work together to make this world a better place by teaching everyone about the benefits of massage.

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Deb Power

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Power Therapeutic Massage
A central Illinois spa dedicated to bringing the benefits of therapeutic massage to the masses.

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Power Therapeutic Massage

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Special Requests

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Power Therapeutic Massage
(217) 347-0500
Open Monday through Friday 8 am - 6 pm.
Saturday by appointment.
Power Therapeutic Massage
1209 North Wenthe Drive
Suite B
Effingham, IL 62401


Advanced reservations are appreciated, but last-minute bookings may be available. Please call for availability. In case of cancellation please give 6 hours notice.


Located at:

1209 North Wenthe Drive - Suite B

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