How to copy and paste

  1. Position your mouse cursor at the beginning of the text to be copied
  2. Click and hold down the left mouse button
  3. Drag the cursor across and down to the end of the text to be copied, so all the required text is highlighted
  4. Release the left mouse button, move the cursor over the highlighted text and click the right mouse button
  5. Select 'Copy' from the menu box and click the left button
  6. Go into the webpage code that you want the copied text to appear
  7. Left click at the point you want the text to start, then right click
  8. Select 'Paste' from the menu box - the copied text should appear!

Keyboard shortcuts can also be used as an alternative to right clicking on the mouse:

'Ctrl + C' is the shortcut to copy

'Ctrl + V' is the shortcut to paste


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