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What could possibly be better that spending an hour or more being pampered with a luxurious, healing, relaxing massage?

Having that same luxurious, healing, relaxing massage in the privacy of your own home! 

Our facility at Power Therapeutic Massage is beautiful and relaxing, with soothing fountains, hushed and private treatment rooms.

However, there are many reasons you might choose to remain "on your own turf" for your massage and schedule a home visit instead. 

The convenience of not having to hire a babysitter or plan for time time away from home, or to get dressed to go out or to drive across town makes at-home massage a great option for busy people.

Home VisitSign up for a Home Visit and receive the benefits of massage without leaving the comfort of your own home!

It also can help make regular massage a part of your routine, like exercise, so your body receives the healing benefits of massage on a steady, consistent basis.

If you are serious about keeping your body in optimal shape, regular massage is a wonderful addition to your health and fitness regimen. 

A regular home visit from a highly-skilled massage therapist is the ideal way to commit to a massage routine that will keep you feeling relaxed, flexible and strong. 

A home visit doesn't even have to be at your house. If you can't get away from work, have a qualified therapist at your office or workplace.

There's no better way to treat your staff – not to mention yourself – and reward everyone for a job well done. 

Having your massage at home is also a perfect option for clients who, for whatever reason, are not feeling well.

If you are suffering from a disease or injury, getting dressed and out of the house and driving across town can be difficult, or even impossible. This at the very time when you can most benefit from the healing touch of a massage. 

You don't need to do anything but relax and enjoy the skilled hands of our therapist. And nothing feels better than climbing into bed for a nap or sleep after a heavenly massage.

Finally, if you're feeling shy or unsure about the whole idea of massage, a home visit is a great way to try it out and see if massage is right for you.

While the massage itself may feel unfamiliar, being in familiar territory can help you feel completely safe and secure while you try something new.

What to Expect From an At-Home Massage

Almost any type of massage can be performed at your home, from Swedish to Shiatsu

They also come equipped with everything they need to do the job, including a massage table, sheets, massage oil and even soothing music and scents. 

A technician will arrive at your stated appointment time and set up the treatment area wherever you would like. Obviously a private area, away from ringing phones, the TV and the kids, is best.

You can request music, play your own tunes, or keep the room silent. You can have aromatherapy candles burning, or keep the air scent-free. The choice is yours. 

Once the treatment area is set up, you will be invited to lie on the table (or mat, or sit in a chair – it all depends on what type of treatment you book) for your massage.

The treatment will proceed just as it would at a facility, except when you are finished, you'll already be at home!

You can slip into a comfortable robe or a hot bath or shower, or even go straight to bed. How you enjoy your home visit is entirely up to you.

What Others are Saying about Home Visit

"Massage therapy appears to be an uncommonly non-invasive and inexpensive means of symptom control for patients with serious chronic illness. It is non-invasive, inexpensive, comforting, free of side effects and greatly appreciated by recipients."

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"Massage improved daily functioning, increased quality of sleep and decreased stress-hormone levels in people with Parkinson's disease. "

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