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PTM, Issue #002 -- Negative Energy
July 14, 2007
Hello <>,

What is negative energy??? ........... an uneasy feeling in the pit of your stomach,feeling like your pulse is racing, traveling aches and pains in your muscles or perhaps your joints? Or an unexplained edginess or feelings of DIS-EASE in your physical, emotional, or spiritual body. Perhaps you have an overwhelming sense of confusion and inability to make a decision regarding your future.... are you forgetting things, whatever the reason....................................................................................

What you are experiencing is a part of life, I feel we need to acknowledge them, breathe healing life force energy, sometimes called CHI, KI, or QI into the area, infuse it, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and think only positive thoughts or intentions.

Focus on your breath for a moment if you will, breathe in through your nose,a nice slow full inspiration... where does it travel? Does it flow with ease through your THROAT, down into your chest into the HEART and down deeper into the SOLAR PLEXUS, and deeper still into your STOMACH ?? Breath deep again and be aware, without any judgment. Your breath should travel all the way into your belly, with each slow inspiration, imagine filling up the belly and then slowly as if filling a wine bottle you bring your breath up through your solar plexus, heart, throat, all the way to the top of your head, your CROWN Chakra.

Breath deep again, how many seconds pass with your inspiration, count them 1001,1002,1003,1004, Now how far down did your breath go? Try again, bringing the breath down into your belly, hold for a count of 4 seconds again, and then forcefully exhale for a long slow count of 4 seconds.... You should strive for a 4/4 second ratio of inspiration/expiration Challenge yourself to hold your breath between each inspiration and expiration.

Breathing into the body with awareness helps to cultivate Chi, the universal life force energy that flows through each of us human beings, animals, and plants.... without CHI, ultimately there is death.

By doing simple deep breathing exercises, positive, mindful meditation, and movement we can reverse any harmful negative energy we pick up from our diets, environment, or relationships (be it personal or professional)...

It is my intention with this newsletter to help you to help yourself when you are experiencing negative energy. Be aware of the precious vessel you inhabit while here on this earth....nurture it lovingly by performing CHI cultivating exercises. Life is short so lets make the most!!!

Namaste~ Deb Power

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